hell… My “discipline” follow its normal trend of about 2 weeks and then off the wagon I fell.  Then I watched this video about a man who was born with a genetic deformity that left him with no arms or legs, simply nubs to get around on.  The video shows him doing all sorts of stuff, including keeping his body in shape.  Here I sit and the only deformity I have is a mental deformity of laziness.  I have no idea where I got it, I grew up hard working.  My dad was a very hard working, my mom also worked hard all the time.  Perhaps it is a learned laziness, but despite all that, I simple have “no excuses” which is what the video was entitled.  I will post a link in this blog.  Tomorrow is a new day and on it I will begin anew.  It is easily compared to our failures as Christians.  Likewise, the Spirit will help us make better decisions regarding our bodies and conditioning it along with our minds to be vessels of the Gospel in the world.  Enjoy the video and I will check back in when I have made more progress.  I had gone from 215 to 197 before I fell off the wagon.  Now I sit at 210.6.  It will truly require life change.



About clifthethird

I am a 30+ year old father of 3. I am a liberty loving American. I am started this blog as an outlet for my thoughts and a vessel of connection to those that think the same and differently than I.
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